What is "The Blank?"

The Blank is an alternate realm underneath the universe. It is a phenomenon, and even those who have experienced it aren't exactly sure what purpose it serves, or who the beings that exist there are.

How do I go there?

If you are asking this question, you are probably unable to. We're not exactly sure why The Blank Underneath is accessible to some, and not to others. We get this question a lot from the friends and family of individuals who have gone to The Blank and haven't returned. We're sorry we don't have a better answer, but we mean to encourage you. This is a project we are currently working on, and hope to have a loophole in the near future which will allow those without an innate connection to The Blank to have some access to it.

I recently went to The Blank. What now?

The answer is up to you. If you've returned with your abilities, you will be able to continue to practice them if you desire. If not, your life essentially returns to what is was before. If you are wondering if you will be able to go back to The Blank in the future, we can tell you that we only have one recorded case of someone returning to The Blank after coming home. However, we are unsure of its verity.

What is that symbol at the top left of the website?

This is a symbol that is commonly seen when first setting foot in The Blank. It symbolizes:

Life, Death, The Blank Underneath.