Headquartered in the basement of the home of one of our founding members, TBU Bulletin is committed to providing you with valuable knowledge about The Blank Underneath. Although we are a small group, we each provide a unique insight based on our own metamorphic experience during the time we spent in The Blank and how it affects our lives thereafter. We have also stockpiled our own wealth of historical information. It is important for us to get our message out there, but we have always exercised the utmost caution in doing so. 

We share only what we deem as need-to-know details, we interview others about their encounters, and we are available to guide those who have recently made contact with The Blank or have friends or family members that did. We've learned throughout the years that under the wrong eyes, the Bulletin is met with belittlement or even worse as our longtime readers know, attempts to shut our group down altogether. Despite this, we will continue on as we always do in whatever medium we can.

Life. Death. The Blank Underneath.

Enjoy your time spent on the site, Dear Reader!